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July 17, 2009

You are my inspiration... God, how ironic.

I’m going to repost something that I said in the comment section of the first post of this blog, because I feel that it bears being said so that anyone who stumbles across this new project of mine can read and digest it:

The intention of this blog isn’t to start new drama or wallow in old drama, it is to acknowledge my past behavior, look at it with fresh eyes and perhaps provide a cautionary example for others.

The second intention of this blog is to examine the topic of anonymous behavior on the Internet – specifically, anonymous BAD behavior – and, explore this topic from a pretty detached and academic standpoint.  I’m really not going to be talking about myself very much here, I am going to be looking at other individuals who have gotten themselves into situations where they are either giving or taking a lot of shit from anonymous people online and try to open a discussion as to why this occurs.

It might be interesting to know that the inspiration for this whole project was Paris Hilton.

Yes, I said Paris Hilton.

Last night I had a wicked case of the “can’t sleeps” — I’ve been wrestling with some pretty tough issues (personally) as of late and it’s lead to more than one night where I ended up watching VH1 until the wee hours of the morning.  Last night I was watching a Vh1 “news special” (which was about two years old) on “bad celebrity rich kid behavior” or something like that.

At one point of the program Harvey Levin – the co-founder of – talked about having read Paris Hilton a bunch of hateful anonymous comments that were posted about her on TMZ.  It’s a pretty famous clip, it shows Paris really seeming to get visibly upset at the idea of anonymous people calling her a whore/slut and wishing she’d off herself.  Whether that specific clip was really real or not, I don’t know – I suspect that Paris Hilton who is in tight control over her own brand and uses the media to her own advantage has the concept of “any press is good press” tattooed somewhere on her body – (I fully believe that she’s smarter than given credit for and 99% of the shit she does is on purpose.)

The idea that someone who just behaves so knowingly atrocious can actually be upset or affected by what anonymous pinheads say about her online struck something with me… And, I actually was compelled to get up and start writing.

Which is cool for me, as I’ve had craptacular writer’s block for a LONG time now; and, it was exciting for me to not be able to sleep because I had to write something down.  No matter what the inspiration for it was… you know, being a “indie girl” I’m a little embarassed to admit that Paris Hilton inspired me. Hah.

No matter.  Wrapping up… no wallowing or crying victim here, my friends.  I’m really excited about this blog and hope that y’all will give it a chance.  I think it will prove worth your while.

On that note: I wanted to post a link to a really excellent article that my friend Cate Sevilla wrote a while back for BitchBuzz.  The comments on the piece, in particular, raise some really interesting questions that I’m hoping to explore more deeply in coming weeks and months.


Thick Skin: Julia Alison, Internet Hate & Women Online

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