Great online quotes taken completely out of context…

July 22, 2009

I’m not going to tell you who said it or why it was said. (Because it’s funnier for me if I don’t.) ENJOY!

  • “I’m not a hug cunt.”
  • “My life has been bad performance art since 1982.”
  • “Okay back to that drunk thing…”
  • “That’s my example of being white in America. Oh, and doesn’t hurt the cop was a dyke.”
  • “Sanitary? FAIL. What a waste of money. I learned how to operate a lever when I was a toddler, we can work it out without an electric eye watching our back.”
  • “You’re reviewing me?  Like for Yelp?”
  • “I wonder if it was smart to block all those Twitter hookers after all?”
  • “Um, knitting needles and duct tape?  Are you making a tent for Burning Man?”
  • “They pissed me off so I bought a giganto can of toxic chemicals and have been coating the house in it.”
  • “I think it gives it that certain jen ne se qua of craptasticness.”
  • “I was talking last night about visiting the Grand Canyon and I said, not thinking, ‘They say it’s not safe to go down on a donkey.'”
  • “Integrity is what you do when no one else is looking.”

And, on that note I am off to cover Comic Con in San Diego.  I’m sure that I’ll come up with something either academic, relevant, interesting or snarky to post from there… But, in case I don’t [insert bitchy thing Kate might say here]!


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  1. medialint Says:

    Oh noes my FB snips have been sniped! 🙂

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