Embracing you… Live from Comic Con

July 24, 2009
Can we say "Cheese," chan?

Can we say "Cheese," chan?

So I was traipsing about the floor of Comic Con yesterday with Janina Gavankar and I had an op to meet the CEO of deviantART, Angelo Sotira.  I happen to love deviantART, I think that some of the art posted on that site is genius; and, I’ve bought more than one piece of art hanging in my apartment from a “unknown” artist I’ve found on the site and emailed for info on getting prints, etc.

I do not – however – have a profile on deviantART.  It’s a little too close to the enemy, if you know what I mean, as *cough4Chancough* likes to claim credit for or that they “rule the school” on the DA forums.

(Incidentally, Angelo thinks that’s pretty funneh guys, you know – given that he’s CEO of that company…)

ANYHOW: I explained this to AS when he asked me if I was on deviantART; and, he told me that I should “embrace the shit.”  That trolling the trolls is one of the fun privileges that innerweb professionals have.  I told him that I would really like to do that – that I’m all about a good online smackdown – but, that my editor at BB kind of asked me to cool it on the poking with a pointy the trolls after the whole OKCupid bullshit.  (If you don’t know and are interested it’s detailed in HI-LARIOUS objectivity on my Encyclopedia Dramatica page.)  I told him that I had a hard enough time keeping up with the updates to my ED page.

Sez Angelo, “OMG! I LOVE Encylopedia Dramatica – it’s such purile bullshit!”

Truer words, Angelo – truer words…

Back to galavanting around Comic Con with badass geek girl, Janina Gavankar (better known as Papi on The L-Word.)  I have to say that I really love it when I meet people who my geek guy friends (or “grrlfriends”) have fanboy or fangrrl crushes on and discover them to be down to Earth, approachable, funny and cool.  JG is all that AND an unabashed fangirl, herself.  We spent two hours wandering around and chatting for my Women to Watch column on BitchBuzz.com (launching TODAY, peeps!)  She was very very generous with her time and also with pointing me at other interesting people I could interview at the Con and beyond.

I’m trying to hook her up with XXX so she can hit up *THATVIDEOGAMECO* when she’s in SF next week to pursue her dream of being a leading voice in a video game.

She may have also incited a Tweetwar (TM – Kate Kotler) betwixt myself and a well known Daily Show corospondent.  UH-OH!  You know I couldn’t stay out of trouble while here in SD, didntcha?

Hilarious as I was leaving the con center in search of beer last night I stumbled across the Scientology Anon protesters.  You know, for anonymous people they stick out in a crowd like a sore thumb…  Totes cool, though, good to see their presence at this important geeky event.

Crazy day yesterday.  Bound to be crazier today.  It’s Star Wars day at SDCC.  SNAP!

(You can follow my live Comic Con coverage on Twitter @adorkablegrrl or #BitchBuzz or #PPLH8K8)

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