I met Russell T. Davies!

July 25, 2009

I hate pictures of myself; but, here is one worth posting:

What was Russell saying?  "Kate that man almost walked in front of your picture!"

What was Russell saying? "Kate that man almost walked in front of your picture!"

Right now I’m up in the press room transcribing my awesome interview with Hope Larson.  I’m hitting her spotlight later this afternoon to get more for my Women to Watch series (Hope’s interview will probably run next week on BitchBuzz.)

Part one of two of my interview with Janina Gavankar is up today on BitchBuzz.  Please check it out and retweet it if you are so inclined!


6 Responses to “I met Russell T. Davies!”

  1. rosieposey Says:

    As you have finally done something to piss even ME off on this blog [interviewing Papi without giving her my number and very detailed directions to Cleveland] I must say…

    Why do you keep talking about yourself? OMG I was like, down with Torchwood before the BBC even came up with the idea. In fact I INVENTED Comic Con. In 1964. Um, like come up with something original, duh.

    Yeah. Take that Shel Dorf and Russell T. Davies!…and Kate.

    Seriously. About that Papi thing….

    • adorkablegrrl Says:

      Baby, she’s straight. Dating the CEO of deviantART.

      LMFAO. I ❤ you, Ms. Posey.

  2. Turd Ferguson Says:

    Interviewed? Looks like you were in line like all the rest. You know I once interviewed the roller coaster at Six Flags once too. Let’s call things as they were, Katie Couric.

    • adorkablegrrl Says:

      Where in this blog post do you see the phrase “I interviewed Russell T. Davis?”

      Yes, I was in line for an autograph. Which I got. Never said that I interviewed him. In fact the post title is “I MET Russell T. Davis.”

      Put on your glasses there, Turd; and, improve your reading skills.

      /drinking hateraid

  3. Turd Ferguson Says:

    I’m sorry I think I have misinterpreted this blog. It’s ppl h8 you on the internet. You know honestly I don’t really read deeply any of your trite here. It’s long winded and painfully dull. Reads like my vacuum cleaner’s instructions as if written by a Nick Jr. intern.

    The fact that you call the tagline of your blog Fighting with trolls so you don’t have to, then get all hurt when the trolls come looking for you. IS PLAYING THE VICTIM.

    Meh, blarg, furgal, narb or whatevrs.

    • adorkablegrrl Says:

      Um, SO NOT HURT. Amused, yes. Hurt… come on, you’re assigning yourself and your kind WAY more importance in my life than anyone could possibly find credible.

      Really, you think I’m HURT?

      Dude. Come on.
      Keep serving up the hateraid, Turd – you’re fulfilling your purpose and I thank you.

      Ta, ta!

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