Karma, she’s a bitch… (AT&T blocks /b/tards.)

July 27, 2009

Oh lookie lookie what I missed while I was running after David Tennant at Comic Con!

AT&T Blocks 4Chan, Stirs Internet Hornet’s Nest

Apparently the /b/tards are FUH-REAKING out about this.  I can’t understand why.  Seriously, someone-somewhere had to understand that the level of fuschnickens that goes on on 4Chan was going to attract the attention of any multitude of large corporations who might BLOCK the Chan due to questionable content.

Also it’s hella stupid to talk loudly and openly about organizing and participating in DoS attacks on other sites.


I wanna hear what “Moot” has to say about all this.  Srsly — Moot — if you’re Googling your own press coverage at this point, give me a shout and an interview about what’s going on.  I won’t trash y’all – I promise – I actuall think Channers can be kind of clever (albeit annoying.)

That would be an interview to add to the press clips book.

/blog post due to boarding flight to SFO


11 Responses to “Karma, she’s a bitch… (AT&T blocks /b/tards.)”

  1. Turd Ferguson Says:

    Wow, taking a stand that everyone else has taken…like prop 8, cancer is bad, etc.

    You are like the Hot Topic of activism.

    • adorkablegrrl Says:

      Again *coughmickcough*, I mean TURD, you are a day late and a dollar short on your comment.

      Thank you, though, for the serving of fresh squeezed Hateraid – you know how much I love it!

      *rolls eyes*

  2. Mick Says:

    Kate, i was directed to these comments from someone else.

    I dont know Turd Ferguson, but surely youd at least accept the fact that im not back handed and if i had something to say to you at all, it would be with my own name. Not hiding behind something. You at least have to admit that. Im a little offended youd think this was me. I thought you knew me better.

    Now, as far as your blog goes, i could give a rats ass what you write, where you are, who you meet, what you do.

    I dont care anymore Kate. Im over it. I didnt even know you had this blog going.

    I dont care.

    Obviously someone does, but i swear to you, it isnt me. Now with that, as i said last time, goodbye Kate, enjoy your internet life.

    And please, stop bringing up my name on your blog. Im past this…you should be too.

    • adorkablegrrl Says:

      I call bullshit. But, whatevs. Cyal8r Turd, uh… Mick.

    • adorkablegrrl Says:

      And, I used to THINK you weren’t backhanded. Now I don’t really believe that.

      But, if this really isn’t you, Mick – you should check in with those close to you (aside from Lauren) as I’ve gotten a lot of independent sources coming to me as of late who are pointing the finger at YOU for these comments and the ED post/updates.

      Truthfully, given yours and Laurens propensity to jump on my Facebook page or on Adorkable Grrl and say snarky, shitty things to me it wasn’t too far a leap for me to be convinced this was you.

      But, again, if it’s not… Better check in with those of your friends who think it is.

  3. Mick Says:

    Its not me.

    And i dont care Kate…i said my piece. Once you and i had that conversation, via IM, it occurred to me then that you and i couldnt be friends any longer.

    It was at that point i was DONE.

    I can guarantee you, i havent done it since that IM conversation.

    And i dont care who says it IS me. Im telling you it isnt. Plain and simple. Why arent you calling them out by name? You did with me?

    Maybe because they dont exist.

    Im not going to waste my time solving cyber mysteries.

    Ill let you handle that.

    I know it doesnt matter what i say, because youll just distort it. So ill just end it by wishing you luck in all your ventures.

    • adorkablegrrl Says:

      LMFAO. Whatever, Mick. I’m not twisting anything, you – on the other hand – are the king of twisting shit. AND I’m not naming names online b/c I don’t want to have you turn your snark and shit and venom onto the people who are actually my friends who ponied up the info re: ED to me so I’d know you were a fucking fake friend & I shouldn’t trust you…

      And, believe me I had the same conclusion re: friendship with YOU after that IM conversation. In fact, I had the same conclusion about that as early as last fall. So don’t worry about me shedding a tear over it, I’ve been done for a long while.

      Take care. Luck to you, too. Seriously, good luck.

  4. Mick Says:

    Im not worried about anything Kate. Never was.

    Anyway, keep your chin up….when you DO find out who Turd Ferguson is, youll have soo many exciting things to say.

    Until then…stop using my name on your blog. You have NO evidence other than what your “friends” have told you.

    Until you have any credible evidence other than teenage gossip, please leave me out of it.

    And again, good luck with the great mystery.

    • adorkablegrrl Says:

      Any of you three care to weigh in on this? You know, so that you’re not being categorized as “teenage gossips” on my blog…

      If not, no worries. I’m not bothered.

  5. Turd Ferguson Says:

    Once again Kate, you are wrong and then you aim your vicious daggers at someone you perceive as victimizing you, when all the while they couldn’t care less.

    Have fun defending yourself against those pesky internet windmills.

    Your blogging pal,


    • adorkablegrrl Says:

      I don’t perceive anyone as victimizing me, Turd. I find your shit flinging rather funny, actually.

      I’m not the one obsessed with posting shitty comments on someone else’s blog. And, you can deny your identity all you like… I still know what’s what and who you are.

      /drinking Turd hateraid #4 for the day.

      Ta, ta… got better things to do this afternoon.

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