July 28, 2009
Okay NOW I has lulz... for real.

Okay NOW I has lulz... for real.

Couldn’t happen to a nicer group of people.


6 Responses to “OH NOES!”

  1. Turd Ferguson Says:

    Turd here with an update from the front.

    I am encouraging all readers to help donate to E.D. so it can continue to function in the communities best interest. Since this is jumping on the bandwagon, I and coughkatecough will get behind this cause.

    Turd out.

  2. adorkablegrrl Says:

    LMFAO. coughkatecough isn’t jumping on that bandwagon, Turd.

    Don’t you sleep? Have a job?

    Or is it just your goal to post a shitty comment on every post I make on this blog??

    Remember: NOT hurt, just bemused.

    Kate out.

  3. roseyposey Says:

    Ferguson. The cough idiom is ruining what could be a literate post here. Even I understood what you were getting at, but then the mental TB starts.

    What the hell does coughkatecough mean? Are you saying you’re Kate? Is that her nickname?

    Abandon the cough joke. Three posts and it isn’t making sense still.

  4. Narcissus Says:

    Perhaps this explains why your ED entry has not been updated to reflect this blog! I’m sure in the nick of time someone will throw them a bone to prevent the lulz from being lost for all time.

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