Repost: Sanderson learns about bunny boilers

July 31, 2009

(Reposted only b/c it’s the BEST conversation I’ve ever had & I just talked to Sanderson, thusly was reminded of it…)

Kate: Well, Sanderson, if she becomes at total “bunny boiler” then you can say I told you so.

Sanderson: Bunny boiler? What the fuck do you mean?

Kate: Really? You’ve never heard that?

Sanderson: No.

Kate: Google it.

Sanderson: OH MY GOD.

Kate: *laughing*

Sanderson: No, really… NO! Really? She boils the daugheter’s rabbit?

Kate: *laughs harder*

Sanderson: No, this is not good… wait, why are you laughing? I never saw Fatal Attraction!!

Kate: *laughs so hard she can’t breath*

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