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August 27, 2009

I am currently collaborating and working on a book project.  I have a deadline of the last week of September to have a substantial portion of the project finished and to the literary agent on the project — so please bear with me if this blog is updated sporatically moving forward.



Burglers trolling Facebook looking for targets… what’s next?

August 27, 2009
Dont burgel me, bro!

Don't burgel me, bro!

In continuing my examination of all that is weird, off, surreal, odd and wrong about social networking, the habits of people who use social networking as a big part of their life, Internet dramz, my own propensity for Internet dramz, the farce that ensues post those moments and so forth, I have stumbled across this article from Information Week:

Social Networkers Risk More Than Privacy

If there was ever a reason to curb your (or my) tendency to over-share private information on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Yelp and the like – this one would be high upon the list.

Pro-thiefs are using these platforms to suss out targets for IRL crime.

Yucky.  Like the Craigslist Murderer wasn’t bad enough?  More and more mounting reasons exist to throw your computer into the drink and go live an analog life in a cabin in the woods somewhere.  Indeed and how.

Three Things I H8 Thursday:

August 27, 2009

Only one thing I hate this week due to time constraints.

Papercuts on my fingers…

Only thing worse is when you have a papercut on a finger and then you get lemon juice or something else acidic on it. Yucky!

YouTube Tuesday: David Tennant talks about Materpiece Contemporary on PBS

August 25, 2009

Everyone knows how much I love Doctor Who.  Clearly I’m not alone, if the throngs of people at Comic Con last month were any indication, DW has a HUGE American fan base.

David Tennant is the 10th Doctor in the series and will be leaving the TARDIS at the end of the current rotation of “off season episodes.”  If you wondered what he’d be up to next – he’s the new host of PBS Masterpiece Contemporary.

What a great gig.  Now I will be watching PBS even more than I did before…  Here he talks to vlogger Zadie Diaz while attending the press tour for the show in LA.

Is there a way to quantify if someone is actually a skank?

August 25, 2009
Image via NY Daily News

Image via NY Daily News

Took a little break from work, the Internet and all things related yesterday… It was really needed and as I just learned on Sunday night that I am “a go” to be the writer working on an exceptionally big book project, I figured I should take a little down time where I could.  Sorry for cloak and dagger regarding the project – I’ll post what it is about when I am told that I can let the cat out of the bag… For now, revel with me in the fact that I’ve got a book deal of sorts and am about to be super busy.


Wanted to clarify something: My posting information on copyright infringement was in relation/response to my post about Maria Diaz’s BB post about model Liskula Cohen.  I was not implying or stating that my copyright has been violated (though it has more than once by more than one resource – but, I say pick your battles – and the battle to prove copyright infringement is a tough one, very frustrating and not worth my time unless someone is actually claiming my work is theirs.)

Speaking of which!  There is was article about the NYC Skank dealio in PC magazine online yesterday…  The ‘Skanks in NYC’ Soap Opera: Will Google Be Sued?

I find this whole thing fascinating to watch… Though, as I said to MariaMargarita in the comments, I think that the core issue is if Liskula Cohen can prove a.) that being called a skank has hurt her career in a substantial capital way, b.) that she is, indeed, not a skank and c.) that Rosemary Port made those assignations as a statement of fact, not opinion…

The most interesting part, to me, is how would Liskula prove she isn’t a skank?

Apparently she can’t or won’t even be trying, as she dropped her charges.

BUT HANG ON!  The story isn’t over yet!

Rosemary Port (the blogger Google was forced to out) spoke with the NY Daily News about the situation and stated in that article that Cohen “defamed herself.”

Uh, what?  Okay, as someone who has had plenty of crappy, hurtful things said about her on these here innerwebs, I find the idea that you can “defame yourself” to be ridiculous.

Personally, I think the whole concept of behavior such as this – in any case – smacks of school yard bully-ism.  Yah, the best way to make it go away is to ignore it… And, acknowledging or commenting on it often makes it much, much worse… But, I really think that it’s beyond the pale to say that someone “had it coming” when they have such vitrol spewed against them.

Why do I think that?

Well – I’m gonna go a little religious philosophical here – but, basically, two wrongs don’t make a right.

No matter how much you dislike someone or disapprove of the way someone behaves it is not the right choice to slam them and say hurtful things about them.  Just because someone is a jerk or behaves like an idiot you (the general you, this is not about anyone specifically, so back down) don’t have the right to be a jerk or behave like an idiot back.

But, on the other hand there is the concept of “there is no bad publicity.”  So, who the fuck cares if some disgruntled person is calling you a skank on the Internet?  It only makes people want to find out if you are or aren’t a skank and raises your visibility, in general.  For real, I had no idea who Liskula Cohen was before this whole sheebang blew up in the press last week.

Though I do understand (better than most) how hurtful it can be to read crappy things being said about you online.

What I find interesting is that people are speculating at this point that Cohen and Port are in cahoots in this mess trying to gank skank publicity…

In the PC magazine online article JR Raphael sez:

“So, all combined, what do we have on our hands? As far as I’m concerned, the odd events and back-and-forth bickering lead to only one logical conclusion: Our two gal pals are actually working in tandem to set the stage for an upcoming VH1 reality show. It’ll have a title along the lines of ‘Celebrity Blog Battle.’ A wresting ring, lots of baby oil, and Bret Michaels will presumably all be involved.”


This whole sheebang should be titled “How The Internets Turns.”

Oh nevermind…

August 23, 2009

Posting about why I don’t want to talk about something is counterintuitive and will probably just start more drama and speculation.  As I don’t want that I’ve removed that post.  Though I really do wish the three people who filled my email box with URLs and speculations as to what was wrong with me (ie: my “personal tragedy,”) yesterday while I was offline would just f-ing lay off… Seriously if I wanted people to know what was wrong or going on I’d tell them.

Follow-up: Ways to enforce copyright

August 23, 2009

Here are some good resources on how to enforce copyright:

SEOmoz: Four Ways to Enforce Your Copyright: What to Do When Your Online Content Is Being Stolen

University of Cambridge: How can I enforce copyright?

Intellectual Property Office: How can I enforce copyright?

Interesting… evolution of technology law issues…

August 23, 2009

On BitchBuzz a post by my friend Maria Diaz: Model Liskula Cohen Fights Hate Blogger In Court

This is really interesting and I’m kind of bummed that the charges were dropped so fast… Though I understand why they were (and, agree with the decision – sometimes it is better just to move on than continue to cause a pit of anxiety and stress in your stomach over the “anonymous” actions of some person who abjectly hates you.)

I think that it is increasingly important that some sort of standard be created to hold people accountable for what they say and do online.  Granted, as was explained to me by Tyler, it is difficult to do this or create this kind of litmus because much of what is written online is considered “protected speech” because it is construed as subjective opinion.  Were they to state it as fact it could be considered defamation – but, that charge is one that is really hard to get to stick.  You have to prove capital damages and the burden of proof is on you… it’s just messy.

According to T, it is much easier to compell people doing this kind of “hate blogging” to remove content based on copyright violation.  Which someplace like the Reblogging NonSociety (hate blog devoted to Julia Allison) would be subject to.  Technically you have to have written permission to repost content – even the fair use practice of linking to and giving credit for doesn’t completely cover you.  Though, again, it’s really rare that anyone pursues this course of action as it’s complicated and messy and hard to prove intent.  Because you have to prove intent to break copyright?  I dunno, this is why T is a lawyer and I am not…

Anyhow – it’s an interesting subject to observe as the conversation evolves… While I agree with Maria in some respect that the anonymity of the Internet needs to be respected – I don’t know that I agree that the anonymity of the Internet should give license to hateful people to say shitty things about other people in attempts to either damage their careers or hurt them personally.  Props to Liskula for pushing this issue further forward…

Seriously it should all start with teaching people Internet ettiquette.  You should have to take a class b/4 you’re allowed to start a blog or participate in an online community…

Granted, I’d probably have failed that class… so… do as I say, not as I do.

You make me want to Friday…

August 21, 2009

Kiss your face…

Three Things I H8 Thursday…

August 20, 2009

Broken hearts… (Which are for assholes, or so I’ve been told…)

Image by Starry EyeKid

Image by Starry EyeKid



People who talk on cellphones while driving…