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August 7, 2009
Im a CULTURAL geek, damn it!  Not a technical geek!  (Though I learn fast.)

I'm a CULTURAL geek, damn it! Not a technical geek! (Though I learn fast.)

Quick post: working with Sanderson and @medialint over email to get my website set up is really funny.  As far as tech stuffs go there is a lot of stuff I can only do because someone showed me how to the first time; and, setting up http://www.katekotler.com is a experience where a lot of that is happening.

Typical (not exact) email exchanges:

Kate: Ok, I bought http://www.katekotler.com, now what do I do?

Sanderson: You need to set up hosting, I can’t host it anymore b/c I’m switching providers.

Kate: Media Lint, is your offer to host still good?

Media Lint: Yeah, do a Whois search on my domain name and pick up the DNS from that.  I just have web intellects rights to it…

Kate: Woah, woah there, horsey!  That’s all greek to me.

Sanderson: [Information I need] there you go.  You owe me cookies and lunch.

Kate: Um, can you show me what to do with that information?

Sanderson: Fuck Kate, just come over and I’ll do it for you.

Media Lint: You owe me lunch and beers.


I’m lucky I have two really great IT friends who help me with this kind of shit.  The plus is that once they show me how to do this I’ll be able to throw up basic pages on my own.


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  1. […] Irregular, that she obviously is reading this blog as to the content changes over there. Check out this post with a caption all but agreeing with the TFC assessment of the “Geek Girl’s” […]

    • adorkablegrrl Says:

      Wow stunning that y’all have nothing better to do with your time than read my blog and repost my links and what I’ve said to a blog that the only purpose of is to report on me.

      You’re really making a strong argument for Bonnie and Ben’s assertion that I’m not interesting/funny/compelling to read.

      In the end – Ben who is trying to start a company – and, Bonnie who is on shaky ice at work and in life anyhow w/out my two cents being inputted – are going to end up looking like the psycho obsessed stalker idiots and fucking up their own lives. Everyone I’ve talked to from the most respected tech CEO to contributing editors at popular magazines (geek and otherwise) to fellow bloggers to those personally closest to me recognize that YOU PEOPLE (ie: Turd Fergeson followers and Bonnie Bowes and Ben Acevedo) are the ones with the issues, not me.

      You think you have so much power and you’re so righteous? YOU’RE THE FUCKING JOKE TO PEOPLE WHO LIVE IN THE REAL WORLD, KIDS.

      Have fun, dumb asses.

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