While I’m here, a couple of things…

August 7, 2009
Image via librariansmatter.com

Image via librariansmatter.com

Since there was an accusation made about me not allowing comments critical of me/this blog to be posted “openly” here, I’d like to take a moment to express what my “comment posting philosophy” is:

  • Just about anyone is welcome to post comments here that are critical of me and/or my writing and/or this blog.  I don’t have a problem with people criticizing me – as that is a good way to open dialog or have fun being snarky to each other.
  • I’d prefer that (the general) you post your comments using your real name and/or a real email address — as I’m using my real name and real address on this blog, I think it would be kind of a cool thing for all y’all to do the same.
  • If you choose NOT to post under your real name, using a real email address and/or you post under MULTIPLE fake names and/or email addresses, please don’t be surprised if someone (probably me) busts you on it.  You want to keep me honest?  Well it’s time for you to lead by example then.
  • There are TWO individuals who I will not allow to post comments on this blog.  They know who they are.
  • Please — please — do not bring my family, friends, boyfriends, dog or anyone else in my personal life into innerweb drama by name.  I think that’s a fair request.  They are not me and they did not do anything to you AND unless they’re posting here, they didn’t ask to be part of this blog…
  • If you choose to not to honor my request immediately above — don’t be surprised if someone (probably me) brings YOUR family, friends, boyfriends, dog or anyone else in your personal life into innerweb drama.
  • The only comment restrictions I have are these: No posting violent, visually graphic crap to my blog.  No threatening me or anyone else in a comment on this blog.  Comments of this nature will not be approved and will be reported as the owner of the blog sees fit.

Happy shitflinging, people.  And, Rosebud – I tried to respond to your comment over on that *otherblog* – but, apparently since it was completely friendly and reasonable it was not deemed as appropriate for their readers.  You know – because it might stand in support of me being a real person who is actually nice and stuff…  I accidentally deleted your comment at 4am when I was cleaning out my spam box (while waiting for tea to boil, to be fair – I wasn’t just up online at that time – I do have a life) and I tried to retrieve it but could not.  Feel free to repost, it will be approved.  I probs won’t respond b/c I’m over that shit.


Twitter is still borked.  Somehow I feel like someone cut off an apendage or something.  For as much as I hated HATED Twitter when it launched in 2006, I am now, in 2009, scarily addicted to it.

My first DIY Diva column is up over on BAS GD Website.  Totally exciting!  I need to go to the craft store now to get the stuffs for next week’s column.  I also need to get a tripod or something so I can take better pictures than I did for this article.  Anyone want to be a craft model?  I’ll pay in beer.

Going to Transparency Camp tomorrow.  Very excited to use my critical thinking skills and to write up some coverage of this for BitchBuzz.  I’m also riding down with Susan Mernit; and, I’m stoked to have the time to catch up with her.

That’s about it.  Off to the comic store then the craft store.  🙂


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