Happy birthday, BitchBuzz!

August 8, 2009
Happy birthday to you!

Happy birthday to you!

I’m down in Mountain View today attending Transparency Camp West – we’re about to jump into opening remarks and session breakdown, so (as they want people to participate, not report) I’ll be offline in a mom’ – before I go dark I just wanted to say: HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY BITCHBUZZ.COM!

Cate, Iain & all the BB’ers — it’s an absolute honor and pleasure to work with you all!  I’m really proud of my affiliation with this publication and I’m really proud of all the hard, awesome, growth-inspiring work we’ve done together over the past year.

Here’s to many, many more!

(You can look for my coverage of Transparency Camp West ’09 ON BitchBuzz tomorrow or Monday – depending on how long it takes Cate to clean up the confetti from the BB fete she SHOULD be having! :P)

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