New Feature: Music Monday

August 10, 2009

I like #musicmonday on Twitter – it is how I’ve compiled several lists of new bands (or bands I haven’t heard of until now) to check out via iTunes/Amazon, etc.  So in the interest of everything not being serious or contentious on this very silly blog of mine I am adding “Music Monday” into my weekly rotation of silly shit I post (ie: YouTube Tuesday, You Make Me Want To Friday, etc.)  Now I just need to think of something for Wednesday and Thursday and my lil life will be complete. /sarcasm

Here’s my first offering, it was what I tweeted for my #musicmonday this morning and was introduced to me by Media Lint on the awesome CD he made me last week:

The Dresden Dolls – Sing



2 Responses to “New Feature: Music Monday”

  1. I love the Dresden Dolls! This is a great video and the song is a terrific Viennese waltz (if you’re into Viennese waltz [which I am]).

    • adorkablegrrl Says:

      I actually had heard of them; but, never listened to them until Media Lint put them onto a cd for me… I’m about to download a bunch of their stuff onto iTunes… really good stuff.

      (And, Max Tango sez, “HI DENNIS!”)

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