File under WTF redux: Twitter has second DDoS attack, IS peeps blame Russians

August 12, 2009

Yes, that title is accurate.  Apparently Twitter went down yesterday (and, not in a good way) for about 20 minutes which is being attributed to another DDoS attack on the microblogging platform.  Crazy.

Crazier still?  All those conspiracy theories about /b/ taking down Twitter as retribution for the AT&T block of the 4Chan site or tricky hackers fulfilling a bet from the wee hours of the hack-morning at DefCon are pretty sane and logical compared to who/what is being blamed for the DDoS currently:

“Some information security researchers have said last week’s Twitter DDoS attack was aimed at one specific user. That attack also affected other social media sites like Facebook, LiveJournal and YouTube. Researchers indicate that last week’s DDoS attacks were aimed at pro-Georgian blogger Cyxymu, who blogged about the anniversary of Russia’s Georgia invasion. Cyxymu had accounts on all of the targeted social media sites and told The Guardian that the attacks were a deliberate attempt to silence his pro-Georgian message by the Kremlin.”

~Channel Web Blog

Seriously. People are blaming the RUSSIANS. That’s awesome and worrisome at the same time.  Awesome b/c I don’t think anyone has heard a “the Russians did it” excuse since the movie Red Dawn was in theaters sometime in the 80s.  Worrisome b/c if that assertion is true and a government is fucking with a social networking website to silence one single user, what else are they doing we should be alarmed about?

Oh the internets, there is always something interesting going on here…  I like the part where Cyxymu told the Guardian that he had accounts on all three sites hit w/DDoS so it HAS to be the Russians trying to silence his protests… Um, I’m curious how many millions of people had accounts on all three (very prominant) social networking websites?  I think I do (though I haven’t used LJ since 2007) so maybe it’s a plot to silence me… viva la Adorkable Grrl!  Revolution, revolution!


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