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August 15, 2009

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Stu over at BAS GD Website hooked me up (professionally, get your mind out of the gutter!!) with SF photog Julie Michelle recently.  Julie is a CRAZY TALENTED photographer who is working on the I Live Here: SF project and Stu posed for a series of kick ass pix with her not so long ago.  While I technically don’t fit the “live in SF” bill for her awesome project, I’ve needed good photos for http://www.katekotler.com for a while now; so I gave her a shout to see if I could work out something with her in terms of trading for photos, etc.

She very graciously accepted my offer and even though I was two hours late due to my nutty schedule this week and my totally fried brain we met up this afternoon to shoot my pix.  Julie did professional makeup for me and we went to shoot in the Shakespeare Garden in Golden Gate Park and in Green Apple Books on Clement (two really awesome SF place – Green Apple being amongst my favorite bookstores of all time…)

She just emailed me the link to the set of pix on Flickr: book baby

I’m really excited about the pictures; and, thought about keeping them in my hat until I launch my website… But there are so many good ones and I have some tough choices to make in terms of the website and business cards and my new press kits… so I thought I would share.

I’m really feeling great right now.  For the first time (not in private) in a couple of weeks.  Thank you, Julie – you’ve really made my week!

Oh yes – and, please check out my DIY Diva column and part two of my Women to Watch w/Hope Larson.  Linkage below!

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[photo by Julie Michelle]

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