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August 15, 2009

Apparently Twitter is the trending topic on Twitter this week.  Between Valleywag and MSNBC talking about The Bloggess and her “obsession” with William Shatner and DDoS attacks perpetrated by the Russians and so forth there seems to be a plethora of press traction about the microblogging platform… There is even a story in the NYT Theater section about a casting director tweeting live from an audition room for The Gay Bride of Frankenstein.

Casting Director Tweets at Tryouts, to Negative Reviews

(Thx @janinaz for the tweet w/the link!)

You know what I think all this means?  Twitter has SOOO hit the tipping point (the momentum for change becoming unstoppable — or, when the uncommon becomes common) and the only two places left for Twitter to go are either towards “world domination” or “irrelevance.”

I’m not sure which I hope for.

The ramp up for this started clearly earlier this year when Ashton Kutcher’s challenge to CNN to see who could hit 1M followers on Twitter first.

It’s all rather weird and surreal and irrelevant to real life at the same time…  this Twitter obsession.  Part of me hopes it just all goes away, Twitter is really invasive and it’s disturbing how addictive it is.

I have to tweet this blog post now.


2 Responses to “More Twitter?”

  1. I vote “irrelevance”. World domination by twitter would just be confusing.

    • adorkablegrrl Says:

      World domination in 140 characters would be confusing and kind of impressive if someone could pull it off…

      Hi Bloggess! You’ve had a hot news week… 🙂 Welcome.

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