True Fail Saturday:

August 15, 2009

True Fail Saturday is to highlight trends around the Internet that epitomize the lame.  It will be a short, succinct description so you can file the nuggets of fail in the back of your occipital lobes so that you might recognize the True Fail when you see it upon your online adventures…

Today’s episode is brought to you by the letter B (which stands for words like Bonnie and Bowes and Ben and batshit-insane:)

15 August, 2009 True Fail — STARTING A BLOG TO COMMENT ABOUT… (wait for it) …SOMEONE ELSE’S BLOG.

The only thing lamer than writing a blog of your own is starting a blog to write about the blog someone else is writing.  It’s really easy to sit back and say shitty things about someone else from afar; but, in real life when you do this you make yourself look like a crazy obsessed batshit asshole who has no life other than to obsess about someone else’s life.

*Fuck the high road… sorry, Mom.  I know, I said I was removing myself from the conversation but fuck it — I hate this batshit crazy drug addict psycho obsessed bitch and her sockpuppet limp dick boyfriend just about more than anything or anyone I can think of.  I hope they both choke on a shit sandwich.  Now I’m really done.  Really, for real this time.


2 Responses to “True Fail Saturday:”

  1. Rosebudd Says:

    I like how all your posts on your little internet enemies reference the friend or loved one currently begging you to stop talking about it and please please just let it go for Christ’s sake. I’m sure that your mommaship beams her alien messages in a supportive manner, like “Don’t sink down to their level, my broodling. That’s exactly what these cruel humans wish you to do.” Certainly they would never claim that your constant squalling is a source of embarrassment to them, and that they’re sick to death of hearing you piss and moan. No one would ever be so indiscreet as to mention that your obsession with these two and the tantrums they regularly inspire you to throw fail to prove how THEY are the crazy ones. You finish with yet another solemn promise to never pitch another public fit about Turd. I’m really holding my breath on that one.

    Btw, I loved your little rant at the end. I imagined you red-faced, yelling it in a constipated voice while hopping up and down and accidentally letting out a fart halfway through.

    • adorkablegrrl Says:


      But, as I assume this incoherent rant of yours has something to do with how you think that I am soooo serious and that this blog is a reflection of how I actually feel about life, I’d like to refer you to this:

      Please pay special note to the words in bold and underlined as they pertain especially to you.

      I hope you choke on a shit sandwich, too you fucking lame ass follower.

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