Bullet Points of Life: Because it’s all I can muster right now…

August 18, 2009

flipsideThrowback from the old blog – probs won’t be using this often.

  • Oy-yoy-yoy, people!  Get lives… seriously, in slamming my best friend on *that other blog* you’re sinking to new lows.
  • I’ll let her respond to you directly.  And I’m sure she will.
  • My new philosophy on this whole shitty thing is as follows:
  1. I’m reading the damn thing when I’m informed that one of the twits posting on it has said something about a friend or professional contact or one of my work situations.
  2. I don’t like y’all and will only comment when information needs to be corrected and then it probably won’t be polite.
  3. Yah I’m using their real fucking names when I talk about them – Bonnie & Ben started this shit and they need to own it now.  If I have to have pictures of myself and posts from everywhere I write reposted by them then I’m AT LEAST going to call them out by name.
  • I’m really, seriously asking all of you — Bonnie, Ben and everyone reading/commenting on that blog – in the most sincere way possible: please, please, PLEASE do not reproduce images or content from my website.  It is copyrighted and it is my work — please.  Say what you like about this blog and about me – but, don’t fuck with my right to make a living.  I don’t care if you think I have man hands or that my writing sucks – don’t reproduce the copyrighted content on that site without my permission or the permission of the photographer who owns the photos.  Seriously that is the right thing to do.  And, I’m asking you sincerely to honor that request.
  • This blog, FYI is not all about them and it wasn’t started to discuss my growing hatred for them.  But, as they’re insisting on being part of my life, I will have my forum.  Honestly, I doubt that I’ll have much to say about it as they seem to be completely redundant… blah, blah, blah… As Rosie said, “Yah we get it, you hate Kate.”
  • Other than that… You can now read a sample chapter of my book on my website.  Go to http://katekotler.com where you’ll find it in my writing samples.
  • I’ve had a personal tragedy in my life this week that puts everything else in perspective in terms of importance.  I’m going off the grid for a while as I don’t want to deal with this blog or with people’s reaction to it.  I know that will make it exceptionally boring for Bonnie & Ben during their workdays as they won’t have fodder for their ugliness – but, there it is.  Cya on the flipside.
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