Follow-up: Ways to enforce copyright

August 23, 2009

Here are some good resources on how to enforce copyright:

SEOmoz: Four Ways to Enforce Your Copyright: What to Do When Your Online Content Is Being Stolen

University of Cambridge: How can I enforce copyright?

Intellectual Property Office: How can I enforce copyright?


2 Responses to “Follow-up: Ways to enforce copyright”

  1. CFT Says:

    NOBODY IS VIOLATING YOUR COPYRIGHT! Quoting your work with attribution and commenting on it is NOT COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT. You do that too, just as everyone does. Just because you don’t LIKE the comments doesn’t CHANGE the usage.

    • adorkablegrrl Says:

      Um, okhai there, Mr. Types in Cappy McCapperson!

      If you were paying attention at all you’d know that I didn’t say that someone was violating *MY* copyright. Please check the previous blog post about Liskula Cohen. I posted resources to learn about copyright violation and how to remedy the situation in regards to that post.

      I’m really well aware of fair use practices – but, thanks for the heads up.

      Thanks for reading. Now calm the fuck down.

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