Burglers trolling Facebook looking for targets… what’s next?

August 27, 2009
Dont burgel me, bro!

Don't burgel me, bro!

In continuing my examination of all that is weird, off, surreal, odd and wrong about social networking, the habits of people who use social networking as a big part of their life, Internet dramz, my own propensity for Internet dramz, the farce that ensues post those moments and so forth, I have stumbled across this article from Information Week:

Social Networkers Risk More Than Privacy

If there was ever a reason to curb your (or my) tendency to over-share private information on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Yelp and the like – this one would be high upon the list.

Pro-thiefs are using these platforms to suss out targets for IRL crime.

Yucky.  Like the Craigslist Murderer wasn’t bad enough?  More and more mounting reasons exist to throw your computer into the drink and go live an analog life in a cabin in the woods somewhere.  Indeed and how.


4 Responses to “Burglers trolling Facebook looking for targets… what’s next?”

  1. Narcissus Says:

    Buglers have been doing things like this for ages. One very common thing here, is thumbing through the Obits. and robbing the house while the family is away at the funeral.

    The upside to the FB thing is that the buglers pretty much have to be on your list to see your status updates, they also need to have your address. The safest thing to do here, is not add people you don’t know to your friends list.

    Besides, this study only says that the buglers MIGHT do this, not that any cases of it have been reported. Of course now that a “study” gives them the idea…

  2. rosieposey Says:

    I find it a tish hilarious that this happens… it’s a solid good punishment for all those people who post those “I am on a better vacation than you’ll even be able to afford, sucka!” status updates.

    You get two weeks in Tahiti.
    I get your macbook and two weeks unfettered access to all your shit.

    The universe always balances itself out.

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