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Lily Allen is a twat and Jenny Slater drops the F-Bomb

September 27, 2009

Ooo, child!  There’s been a plethora of interesting shit flying around these here innerwebs today.

I first caught this on Mashable via a Pete Cashmore tweet on Saturday: Dear Lily Allen: The File Sharing Debate Now Has Lyrics

The “open letter” to Lily Allen by Dan Bull is pretty funny, albeit long…  and, damn catchy.  I can’t get it out of my head… “Remember when pretended, Lily, that you were truly independent, Lily?  Faking like you made it all alone, but you were legally with Regal, part of Parlaphone – oh yeah!

Then there was the season premier of SNL last night.  There were two awesome moments from that.  First: Newcomer Jenny Slater dropped the F-Bomb on live fucking television! (HuffPo has the video.)  HOT DAMN, JENNY!  Way to go.  Though we anticipate that this may make your run on SNL a short one, all us lady improvisers and sketch performers are stoked that the first f-bomb gaff came at the hands of a woman amongst the sausage fest at SNL… SNAP!

Then there is the fact that Megan Fox was ACTUALLY FUNNY in a sketch with Keenan Thompson.

The sketch was just really silly, it made me laugh out loud… My favorite is the “Jaberwocky.”

“Get down into your jabber position and wocky, wocky… wockywockywockywocky!”

I wish the whole show had been that funneh.  And, am I the only person who’s just over U2?  I might be.

I’m clearly too easily amused.  Back to work now!  Laters, H8rs!


Rumors, suspicion and innuendo…

September 24, 2009
Image via stuff that WAS cool.

Image via stuff that WAS cool.

Can I tell you a secret?  Yeah?  Cool.  Here it is: I am not in collusion with Bonnie and Ben (aka, the authors of the TFC).

It is extremely fucked up to be woken at 5:15 am by texts asking questions about this blog.

Here is another secret: the Internet?  Not serious business.  At all.  Please don’t ever text or call me about innerwebs dramz at 5:15 am — ever.

Omai.  Just when I swear I’m not going to acknowledge the jackassery of my former friends in public again, something happens that requires me to make comment.

Today I have learned that B&B are claiming that the TFC was in collusion with this blog as part of a grand and spectacular social experiment about Internet trolls.

Yeah.  Not true.

I am also told that they said that since “we” had enough material that they were retiring.

Mmmmm… we’ll see about that. Read the rest of this entry »

Maury is Good for you

September 24, 2009

AltarI am a man of God…but not a very good one, so first, let me say that Kate is absolutely, 100% wrong…

Anonymity on the internet should be encouraged… it made the internet what it is today..the freedom of it that I, and so many others enjoy. I would imagine that yes, it hurts people sometimes, but just because someone occasionally drowns in a lake doesn’t mean you should drain the fucker. I say, make it even deeper…the world can’t support the amount of jackholes we have on it already.

But anyways…along with being a man of god (again, not a very good one), I am also many other things, first and foremost a nihilist of some degree…oh, and a social worker so I’m sure you can imagine how much easier my beloved nihilism makes that job…really. But being a nihilist allows me a certain sense of freedom, one I enjoy very much…

Did I mention Gavin Newsom is an asshole?

But yes, back to my nihilism…yes, I do know Kate Kotler; I have known her for years…approx 7 or 8…and to know her that long is to find fault…same as with anybody else. I know enough shit about Kate that if I put it up here, some of you out there might actually wet themselves with glee…but I won’t. Not going to do it…and that has nothing to do with my nihilism…actually it would explain why I say I have strong nihilistic tendencies, and am not completely carried over with it…for, I do actually have some respect, a touch of dignity when I feel like it, and a sense of loyalty, even when I feel that person may not deserve it. Not that I am saying this about Kate…more in general, but anyway…

Oh yeah…you people actually started a fucking blog to try to tear Kate a new one?



That is the kind of tedious bullshit that helped me realize the low worth in (San Francisco’s Mission District) human friendship, and you two were once her friends…really? Read the rest of this entry »

J’taime Ze Frank: Ze Frank throws a tea party

September 24, 2009
Photo courtesy of Ze Franks Last.FM page.

Photo courtesy of Ze Frank's Last.FM page.

Via TIME Online…

Ze Frank Throws A Tea Party

I appeal to you again, Ze Frank, please come to SF and whisk me away to your land of awesome funny poltical commentary… please?  I LURVE you.

Introducing TL285

September 23, 2009
Hes a rogue, hes a diabolical villan, hes TL285

He's a rogue, he's a diabolical villan, he's TL285

His name sounds like a robot name (which is cool) but in fact, he’s a real person, who has approached me asking to contribute to this blog while I am working on other projects.

Please give a warm H8ful welcome to Mr. TL285.  I’ll let him jump right in and do what he does best… piss people off.

To clarify: He’s not anonymous, he’s revealed his identity to me, but is choosing to write under an alias… so he escapes my “no anonymous posting” dictate.  He further disagrees with me about the YOYOW issues and is pretty adamant that he be given free reign on the blog to do as he wishes… I’m gonna say otay to that.  We’ll see what happens.


Taking the high road is hard…

September 22, 2009

Sigh.  I know I said that the blog was on break until 1 October, but this is a post which needs to be made right now.

I finally had to draw the line with Bonnie Bowes and Ben Acevedo, (the authors of the TFC,) and send cease and desist letters to them via email and snail mail.  They crossed multiple lines in posting about me and I was encouraged to put my foot down by multiple people who care about me.  The thought was/is that if I just continued to ignore them, after they clearly violated my privacy and clearly violated copyrighted works, that I would be as complicit in what they were doing as I would be if I continued to interact with them either on this blog or the TFC.

So, I tried to resolve the issue privately by sending cease and desist emails to them, imploring them to take my content and personal information down.  Of course this set them off and they republished my emails on their blog.  Which – frankly – made me see red for a bit, as it’s very frustrating to try to approach a problem reasonably, only to have the individuals you’re trying to open dialog with respond irrationally.  But, after confering with people much wiser than I am (both in my private and professional life) I was reminded that I know that I cannot control the behavior of others, I can only control how I react to it.

I have to say, that the siege that these two former friends have launched on me since mid-summer is exhausting, both physically and emotionally.  They have worn me out to the point where I don’t care what they say about me 99% of the time, I just do not have the energy to deal with it.  To be completely honest: I moved out of the apartment with Bonnie to get away from her and from Ben and from the toxic friendships I had with them both and to cleanse myself of the toxicity of the people who I was surrounded by when they were part of my immediate life.  It is my own fault that I have allowed them to continue to have a presence in my life and while I am frustrated that I cannot disengage with them six months out from having walked away from them, I firmly believe that I am meant to learn something from this situation.

I have not behaved as my higher self and I have made a lot of mistakes in dealing with this situation.  Whatever those lessons are, I am learning them and dealing with it.  I will not put up with their behavior any further and I will not sink to their level again.  Sending the cease and desist letters is my line in the sand and if it is crossed again, I will not discuss it or react to what they have done in public, I will simply act upon it in private.  Period.  The time for bullshit and juvenile behavior has passed, there are some things which are simply unacceptable to me and I will not tolerate anyone behaving as such towards me. Read the rest of this entry »

More on YOYOW…

September 17, 2009

No commentary from me on this, just a link to this great article from Ars Technia.

Not-so-anonymous speech: how to get yourself un-masked online

Blog break…

September 16, 2009

This blog will be on hiatus from today until 1 October.

I have too much work to do to be splitting my focus on things that could be construed at negative influence.

I don’t know if Ms. Rosey Posey will be posting, she might be… But, me… cya later, alligators!

I’m writing a book and have four freelance articles to complete before I can spend anymore time dicking around with you jackholes. 😉

(I say jackholes in the fondest way, of course.)

You Go Girl: Kelly C. calls Kanye out on the red carpet over bad behavior

September 14, 2009

I recall people telling me not so long ago that “famous and talented” people do not keep “free WordPress blogs.”

Um, yeah – suck it people – that’s completely false.  Please attend the blog of one Ms. Kelly Clarkson:

I Am Kelly: Random Thoughts by Me

Note the shit-stirring post about Douchebag Kanye West’s outburst last night at the VMAs during Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech.

For those of you who don’t know WTF I’m talking about, check out Perez (a fellow shit-stirrer, tho’ he does quite out class me – I am the Kathy Griffin to his Cher) and US magazine for the deets.

If Ms. Clarkson was only my guilty pleasure songstress before, she surely is my true love now.  Rock it, Kelly!

And, more on owning your own words…

September 14, 2009

This is gonna be brief, because believe it or not, I’m actually pretty swamped today… with, like, real work stuff.

An online buddy and follower of this blog pointed me to an article by Hudson Sangree (what a fucking great writer name that is!) at the Sac Bee that ran today:

UC Davis case shows how Web comment anonymity’s not absolute

This makes and supports my point, brilliantly: There are cases and situations in which I agree that anonymous speech should be protected speech – BUT – in cases where the commenter is hiding behind anonymity to harass, defame or perform other illegal action, that protection should be suspended.

It is one thing to be vigorously critical, but it is another to be someone who uses the platform of anonymity so they can say and/or do things which are illegal or harmful to others.

Things they would never say or do if they had to be accountable for what they were saying or doing.

My favorite passage:

“The court said the First Amendment generally protects anonymous speech, even though the Internet’s informality leads many ‘to substitute gossip for accurate reporting’ and engage in ‘harsh and unbridled invective.’

But where plaintiffs can make a plausible case for defamation, the justices ruled, online anonymity may be breached. ‘When vigorous criticism descends into defamation,’ they wrote, ‘constitutional protection is no longer available.”‘