Quick Post… YouTube Tuesday: Test pattern

September 1, 2009

I am totally slammed right now.  Moved into my new (awesome) house in Oakland over the weekend.  There is big back yard, two fig trees and a lemon tree and TONS of space in the house that make the commute into the city totally worth it.  T and I are planning to start a big garden soon – I’m looking forward to it.

In the city today working on the book project.  Still really cannot say what it is or who it is for.  Sorry.  Lots of work ahead, I probably won’t be updating this blog very often, as I have tons of other things to worry about at the moment rather than Internet trends and shenanigans.

I’ve been spending any and all free time surfing this site and planning menus around what I think I might grow in my garden: FoodPornDaily

YouTube Tuesday:

Watch this and I’ll be back soon with something snarky to say…


5 Responses to “Quick Post… YouTube Tuesday: Test pattern”

  1. kate Says:

    They’re saying it’s about Katie Kim.

    • adorkablegrrl Says:

      Her name is actually KATI Kim, FYI.

      I’m aware of what people are saying, though I thank you for the heads up. People are probably assuming that because I interviewed her for DollyMix in 2007 and because she recently began working with a literary agent on putting together her memoir (which she has been talking about writing for several years now.)

      Also she’s a friend of mine, so…

      I honestly cannot confirm or deny the book topic of the book and who my writing partner is right now. All I can say is that I’m really flattered to be part of the project and it is going to be a challenge as a writer that I haven’t encountered yet and that I’m excited about the writing I’m doing.

      Also that it will be opening up doors for a whole series of projects which I’m very, very excited about.



      • adorkablegrrl Says:

        Book topic of the book… gah, I’ve had a long day, typo.

        The topic of the book.

      • James Bond Says:

        Very stealthy, Inspector Gadget:

        katikim: @adorkablegrrl is writing a novel out loud. It’s beautiful and it’s making me cry.
        adorkablegrrl: @katikim awwwww… i’m honored to be able to give you voice, my dear! xo

        At this point, since you two fools already TOLD the whole world, wouldn’t it be good for your career to just post “I’m writing a book with Kati Kim?”

        She’s not all that compelling herself, but it will sell well given James’ celebrity and heroics, thus you will do well too.

      • adorkablegrrl Says:

        Wow Twitter stalking… brilliant detective work there, James.

        I haven’t told anyone anything. That Tweet could be in reference playing pictonary or doing improv or creating puppet shows or telling her kids stories or even me telling a story about something in my life to her…

        Regardless: What is so hard to understand about the phrase “I cannot tell you what I’m working on?”

        Let me say it one more time: I cannot tell you -specifically- what I’m working on.

        And, you can say that Kati is not compelling, but I’ll have to respectfully disagree – she’s an incredible woman – I say that only as her friend, not as someone who is writing a book about her. Which I cannot SAY if I am or am not doing.

        Take care!

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