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September 2, 2009


For lack of better things to post I have a lengthy list of great stuff from across cyberspace:

File under I ❤ Sarah Lacy… BusinessWeekIs Twitter Pimping Porn to Family Users?

I wonder what the aggregate percentage of hooker followers per profile is?

A good question from the fine people over at Ars… Poll Technica: Will Steve Jobs present at 9 September event?

And, of course a Snow Leapord OS X review from WIRED

File under OMG I CAN’T OBSESSIVELY REFRESH MY GMAIL, AAAAHHHH! From CNET: Gmail outage blamed on capacity miscalculation

And, of course the obligatory link to DJ AM death news: DJ AM Memorial to Resemble 12 Step Recovery Meeting

Yow, People magazine!  Can we say “totally snarky and kind of shitty headline?”

Looks like I just did.

And, I am away…

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