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September 3, 2009

Random tidbits/clarifications about me….

THE MORE YOU KNOW FACT 1: There is a rumor floating around that the book I’m writing is about Kati Kim. It is true that Kati and I KNOW each other and are social friends… But, the book isn’t about her. I’ve gotten permission from my literary agent to reveal a teaser about the book – people reading this blog will be the first to know:

The scene was set for all of this to go down almost ten years ago. I was bartending at a well known bar on the Sunset Strip. On the regular, it was my job to kick out a way too young and way too mouthy girl who was constantly getting caught with well known Hollywood gentlemen in the bathroom. It was never sexual or drug related but on more than one occasion either both or one of the parties was barefoot. But between her age and lack of shoes, I honestly didn’t want to know, I just wanted her out of the bar.

Fast forward to 2007. At a Yelp function I ran into that same young lady. She remembered me, I remembered her and the truth came out…and along the way we absolutely hit it off. The book is about one of my best friends former lives. Most people don’t know that as recent as five years ago Rosie [Last Name Redacted] didn’t exist. She actually went under the name of “Olivia Marceau ” and was a pedicentric call girl in Los Angeles who quietly served Hollywood’s more elite foot connoisseurs.

The book is a memoir of her days as a Hollyweird Foot Hooker and is being published by Random House next spring. We’re already booked for Good Morning America (with Rosie) in support of the book due to a leaked chapter [not my fault!!] that is getting some Hollywood boxers and breifs in a twist.

THE MORE YOU KNOW FACT 2: Because of my neurological disease I actually photograph much fatter than I actually am. Really! If I face the camera dead on and have the flash go off in my eyes it could kill me. I’m actually surprised that people don’t consider me to be skinny – because I really want to be thought of as skinny – here’s a picture of me taken four days ago…

Skinny me & my super-hot exboyfriend, Marc Blucas, on 31 August at my new apartment...

Skinny me & my super-hot exboyfriend, Marc Blucas, on 31 August at my new apartment...

THE MORE YOU KNOW FACT 3: I am a direct descendant of the last Count of Hohenzollern-Haigerloch and thus have certain diplomatic rights in the Germany. Mostly just silly stuff like parking and visitation rights of some castles but I am provided a small inheritance which monthly barely covers my damn iPhone bill. Still it is fun being a deposed Countess!

THE MORE YOU KNOW FACT 4: I am three people away from being married to Seth Rogan. I am one person away from being Kathy Griffin’s sister. Wrap your head around that bit of wrong.

THE MORE YOU KNOW FACT 5: A former President once propositioned me for sex in front of the leadership council of the Kent State University student body. I was wearing a beret.


8 Responses to “The More You Know @ Kate Kotler”

  1. rosieposey Says:

    “Hollyweird Foot Hooker”…gee wonder why that nickname never made it to print. That lawyer must love you today…

    I love how just after the leaked pages drama dies down you find a way to start shite all over again. And People wonder why I am in hiding.

  2. rosieposey Says:

    Oh har-har. As if my mother could get any prouder.

    • adorkablegrrl Says:

      She’ll get a lot prouder when you have 2.5 mil in your pocket and have to wear a bad wig and sunglasses on the street to avoid being snapped by the papps.

      KISSKISS, Olivia!

      • adorkablegrrl Says:

        I have to say I’m wholly amused by the shenanigans of this past week. Good research, I say.

  3. Megan Says:

    I had no idea Marc helped you move! That was so sweet of him. You guys were such a cute couple. 🙂

    • adorkablegrrl Says:

      I know, right? Wasn’t that sweet of him? He only got married ten days ago or so… Ryan is a really awesome gal to let her new hubby delay their honeymoon to help an old flame move…

      I should have never broken up with Marc to go out on that date with Adam Corolla. What a dummy am I!?!

      How’s Nick doing these days? ❤

      • adorkablegrrl Says:

        I’m glad that he canceled that reality show — talk about negative attention whoring! Srsly!!

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