FREE figs!

September 5, 2009
Mmmm... fresh figs!

Mmmm... fresh figs!

Okay readers from all venues that point to this blog… I have an offer for you!  (Granted it is only good if you live in the Bay Area and wish to come claim the offered prize in person.)

I have two fig trees in my new backyard and they are going crazy dropping fruit.  Over the past week I’ve picked about 24 delicious, ripe, fresh figs.  I – personally – do not like figs all that much unless they are in something.  But, even with making preserves, chutney, grilled figs and so forth – plus liberally giving them away to my immediate circle of close friends and family – we over here in Oaktown have more figs than we can shake stick at.

I feel lousy thinking about wasting this fruit, even though I didn’t plant it or really sign up to harvest it, it kind of fell into my lap (so to speak).  So, I would like to make the following offer:

If you would like some beautiful, sweet, yummeh fresh figs – as many as you’d like to pick – please leave a comment on this post that includes your real email address and I’ll contact you to arrange a time that you can come visit and pick as many figs as you want.

Even readers of TFC are welcome to come pick free figs… Even Rick Abbruzzo or Chicken John are welcome to come pick free figs (even if the intended use for the free figs is for a stupid ass fig fight somewhere).

If you are an exceptionally good friend or blog follower who lives far away and want some fresh figs I will -on a case by case basis- pick you some figs and send them to you if you’d like.  (Like Narcissius or Kate Peckham or Cate Sevilla or James Viscosi or or Mike Smith or Chip or Amber Rhea or Wendy Withers… you guys I’d send figs to.)

This offer is open until all the fruit has been harvested from my trees.


2 Responses to “FREE figs!”

  1. Chris Jacob Says:

    Yey for free figs! Hi Kate! my name’s Chris (an intern from I stumbled through your website via Broke ass Stuarts site.
    love the blog! would love to pick your brain on blog writing and possibly pick up some figs? =D I’m out in San Fran, hopefully it’s bartable!thanks!

    • adorkablegrrl Says:

      Hey Chris! Yeah, totally – you’re more than welcome to come by, talk blog and grab some figs. I ❤ Gizmodo!

      I'll email you with details about where I'm at (it is BARTable/AC Transit-able) and I'll be home tomorrow until 2 or 3pm and home Weds in the evening.


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