September 7, 2009

Friends, family and loved ones. Fans of me or my writing or random readers of this blog who think I’m getting the short end of the stick with people being mean to me on the Internet…

Please stop commenting on *that blog* in attempts to defend me. The people writing it and commenting on it are not nice people who are convinced that I am the anti-Christ and a sick, awful person who needs to be locked up in the looney bin. They do not know me. They will not know me. And, nothing you say is going to make them change their minds as to how they feel about me. It will only make them say more hateful, demeaning, cruel, stupid things about me.

Do not waste energy on them.

I brought this on myself and have been provoking them and people like them on purpose for a while now. Yes, I was hurt at first that two people who supposedly cared about me at one point would create something like that blog. I’m over it, I’ve moved on… They cannot hurt me anymore. Plus, I see how fricking obsessed these people are with talking about me and find it funny. I’ve been in cahoots with a couple of you to plot posts and pranks and stunts designed to make them fly off the handle. It’s been a hoot and I have lots of material for my book.

Those of you who say you know me IRL who are posting on *that blog* about how sick I am… I repeat my comment and invitation: Man up and talk to me in person. Awesome people tell the people they don’t like that they suck to their faces instead of talking about them from anonymous accounts behind their backs. If you do so, I will have a lot of respect for you as we part ways… If not? Well you’re game for mockery and when I do conclusively discover who you are I will out your pansy asses loudly and publicly.

EDIT: I did not ask my friend Chris to go on TFC and defend me.  Nor did I ask him to insinuate that one of the posters is my former friend, Mick.

Chris does not know Mick, he only knows OF Mick.  He is incorrect in saying that one of the TFC posters is Mick.

Mick may be many things, and we may not be friends anymore; but, one thing I respect about him is that he is a standup guy and if he were saying shit about me online he would say it to my face, using his real name – not some pansy ass TFC Anonymous member number.  I have received an email from him stating clearly that it is not him and I believe him.

For the record: I would really like it if third parties would quit pointing fingers, that’s my job.  And, given that I’ve experienced the humiliation of wrongly accusing someone of commenting on THIS blog (Mick) previously, I will not be pointing any fingers unless I have hard data proof that the anon troll is who I think they are.  Period.  Meaning – I have your IP address identified, you’ve said or done something only the person I’m naming could know or have (as in republishing private emails or details of my private life no one but you knows about) or if I’ve received confirmation from third parties who have proof of their own.

Yes, I’ll  mock you.  Yes I’ll say your name online and shame you for being an Internet troll.  But, that’s all that I’m going to do.  I say: Own Your Own Words  If you can’t stand by what you post online using your REAL NAME and are afraid of me outing you, then perhaps you should GTFO and STFU, yah?


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