Maury is Good for you

September 24, 2009

AltarI am a man of God…but not a very good one, so first, let me say that Kate is absolutely, 100% wrong…

Anonymity on the internet should be encouraged… it made the internet what it is today..the freedom of it that I, and so many others enjoy. I would imagine that yes, it hurts people sometimes, but just because someone occasionally drowns in a lake doesn’t mean you should drain the fucker. I say, make it even deeper…the world can’t support the amount of jackholes we have on it already.

But anyways…along with being a man of god (again, not a very good one), I am also many other things, first and foremost a nihilist of some degree…oh, and a social worker so I’m sure you can imagine how much easier my beloved nihilism makes that job…really. But being a nihilist allows me a certain sense of freedom, one I enjoy very much…

Did I mention Gavin Newsom is an asshole?

But yes, back to my nihilism…yes, I do know Kate Kotler; I have known her for years…approx 7 or 8…and to know her that long is to find fault…same as with anybody else. I know enough shit about Kate that if I put it up here, some of you out there might actually wet themselves with glee…but I won’t. Not going to do it…and that has nothing to do with my nihilism…actually it would explain why I say I have strong nihilistic tendencies, and am not completely carried over with it…for, I do actually have some respect, a touch of dignity when I feel like it, and a sense of loyalty, even when I feel that person may not deserve it. Not that I am saying this about Kate…more in general, but anyway…

Oh yeah…you people actually started a fucking blog to try to tear Kate a new one?



That is the kind of tedious bullshit that helped me realize the low worth in (San Francisco’s Mission District) human friendship, and you two were once her friends…really?

Sure, we all get mad at each other once in awhile and we fall in and out of friendship…but shit, this whole situation is fucking ridiculous. Kate tells me she’s doing this because she’s writing a book so at least that’s an excuse…what the hell is up with the rest of you? Maury Povich in reruns? Netflix not in the mail, again? American Idol on hiatus? The Mission become too old school? Dealers running dry? What?

Let it go, man….ever stop and think that if Kate is writing a book all you’re doing is helping her out? Your arch-enemy…your whatever the hell…

When most people fall out of friendships, they simply move on…Hell, I do…there’s a reason I never opened a Facebook account…had a lot of friends over the years but after I moved on, moved cities, did whatever…I can’t say I really wanted to  to get re-acquainted with any of them, and since I don’t, I certainly don’t give a fuck what any of them are up to now…but apparently Facebook wasn’t good enough for you…

You started a blog…

Fucking really?

Well, I guess we know how Bush got a second term in office. I remember waking up the morning after he won, and turning to the woman I was seeing at the time and telling her…I don’t ever want to hear you criticize me again when I say that Americans are fucking stupid. And much like I used to wonder where San Francisco kept the really overweight people (Oakland Raider home games) I wondered that morning where all these stupid people were ( I was guessing the Midwest), where all these people are who get themselves so wrapped up in whatever tiny, two plus two equals ten reality that they would so obviously vote against their own interests…and again, I was sure it was the Midwest, or maybe the South…but apparently I was wrong. Apparently self importance is spreading and spreading ugly all the way to the Bay area…

Did I mention that C.W. Nevius has a Christ complex and like all martyrs and mediocre writers he should be crucuified to the fucking cross?

A blog…

No shit.

Anonymity is fine by me, but obsessives are a curious lot, not that I am all that curious…my nihilistic tendencies don’t really allow it. I guess I just wish the lakes were deeper, so more people might fall in and un-clutter the gene pool a bit. And perhaps my criticism are unfair as I really don’t know any of you…but, I don’t really want to (don’t really want to know anybody) and as I said, I don’t really care all that much so unfair or not…whatever. You’ll get over it…or maybe not.

Maybe you’ll just keep up the line by line criticisms of her writing, or my writing, or whatever you have to do to keep your focus away from the fact you apparently have too much time on your hands and dead air in your thoughts…

BTW…I would imagine that many of you are perhaps, book smart to some degree…despite what I wrote earlier…and that being the case…ya ever fucking hear of…”projection?”

Now…feel free to go ahead and pick this apart, make fun, criticize…no worries…not that important…I really don’t have anything to prove to anybody and nobody to apologize too, except maybe to God, but since I’m not that good, I tend to forget about church on Sunday…

A blog.

You people are fucking ridiculous.

Hopefully, you’re writing a book too…Jesus I hope so cause word is Cheney might run for president.

So, thanks for reading and have a good night all…

I gotta go now, watching Maury on the Tivo.


7 Responses to “Maury is Good for you”

  1. adorkablegrrl Says:


    Just in the nick of time, I was worried I’d have to write a post titled “The Continuing Adventures of the Deposed Countess of Hohenzollern-Haigerloch” to get my shits and giggles from this blog. (Don’t worry Rosey, I still plan on doing that soon.) This shall prove amusement enough for me, thank you thank you.

    Welcome to the insanity, TL.

    PS: You’ve known me seven years and nine months.

  2. TL:DR Says:


    Oh well. I thought maybe we’d have a formidable adversary stepping up to the plate, but it’s just this guy who talks a bunch about himself and his God complex and his “I’m-a-cool-Christian-nihilist” standpoint and then sort of meanders into a weak “omg blogs are lame” guilt trip.

    Kind of a newbie maneuver, but after all you are a newbie.

    Anyway, TL285 (if that is your real nom de plume), ellipsis should never be used at the end of a declarative clause. For that matter it should not be inserted between two phrases, and definitely does not belong in continual repetition within a sentence.

    As for your content: I’m real glad you’re a social worker and a holier-than-thou WASP with liberal guilt, but your hero cape needs ironed. That argument was not exactly compelling, particularly as it was mostly about you and your repressed psychological issues.

    Come back soon and try again. It’s just a false start, is all. I’m sure that, if you really think about it as hard as you can, you’ll find some compelling reason why Kate is worth fighting for. Some reason she deserves to keep posting Bonnie and Ben’s names alongside the phrase “coke whore”. Some logical imperative she hasn’t unearthed, some argument that’s absolutely incontrovertible. You’ll find it, TL285. It’s out there, you just have to believe. Like Jesus!

    FYI, you are speaking to more than two individuals.

    Also FYI, if Kate would stop her horrible Internets drama-concocting, the TFC would cease to exist.

    TL285, I am very happy to discover that you are not Kate in disguise. However, you need to get your game in shape. I look forward to continued discussion, and eagerly anticipate the potential blossoming of your latent rhetorical skill. Don’t let us down now.

    • adorkablegrrl Says:


      Did you just call TL285 a “Waspy Christian?”

      It’s fucking on now. I almost – almost – feel sorry for you.

      BTW – you people are the ones who keep saying Bonnie & Ben’s names alongside the phrase “___ whore.” I said it exactly twice. And, you know what, the truth fucking hurts, doesn’t it?

      Can’t even claim that I’m lying about that, because everyone knows it’s true that Bonnie is a wackjob _____ whore. She had that reputation way before I ever came along.

      You wonder why the rumor keeps going on and on and on and on… UM BECAUSE YOU KEEP FUCKING REPEATING IT, GENIUSES.

      Again: if you wanted people to stop speculating about Bonnie’s drug use, you’d stop talking about it. If you wanted me to go away, you’d stop talking about me, too.

      Horrible Internets drama concocting… pfff. I ain’t got nothing on the drama you lot have concocted. What a joke.

      I have to say that I’m very disappointed that irony is so fucking lost on you brainiacs. Here you have a man who has basically said: “I know a lot of secret shit about Kate and I think she’s 100% wrong most of the time about most topics,” and you’ve chosen to focus on his tongue in cheek ironic religion references? And, the use of ellipses? The grammar police shit is super old… …and, it clearly tells me… who… you… are.

      /head desk

      Oh my you are all so short sighted. I’m really going to enjoy watching TL285 fuck up your worlds.

  3. Feather Says:

    I love ellipsis! I think they are a lovely way of making writing more real. OK, so maybe they are taken for granted sometimes, but who in blazes wrote the “rules of conduct” for using ellipsis? (I also love “quotes” and parenthesis). PHDs and egos aside, I think these tools lend a writer the ability to present a more realistic version of their thoughts. Not everyone is worried about expressing their impeccable use of grammar in what they write – it almost defeats the purpose in situations like this (I love hyphens, too). Yes, if you are writing material for educational purposes, it would be wise and appreciated by most to follow the guidelines set forth by most learning institutions so as to set a good example for those on which you intend to place an educational impression – (I really like hyphens), but when writing from the heart or in a fit of passion or just for the hell of it… EMBRACE these tools to heighten the expression of not only your words, but yourself and how, if you were speaking these words face to face, you may pause, trail-off, change subjects, interject unrelated issues, think out loud, etc. You may attack Kate, you may attack TL285, Ben, Bonnie and anyone else who chooses to share their thoughts on this and other blogs, but for the love of god… DON’T ATTACK THE USE ELLIPSIS!!!

    • adorkablegrrl Says:

      I never knew you felt so strongly about ellipsis, Feath… You… learn… the… oddest… things… after… knowing… someone… for-(had to throw in some hyphy hyphens and parenthesis)-nearly… what? Nine -or- ten years…


      (BTW – I love ya!)

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