Lily Allen is a twat and Jenny Slater drops the F-Bomb

September 27, 2009

Ooo, child!  There’s been a plethora of interesting shit flying around these here innerwebs today.

I first caught this on Mashable via a Pete Cashmore tweet on Saturday: Dear Lily Allen: The File Sharing Debate Now Has Lyrics

The “open letter” to Lily Allen by Dan Bull is pretty funny, albeit long…  and, damn catchy.  I can’t get it out of my head… “Remember when pretended, Lily, that you were truly independent, Lily?  Faking like you made it all alone, but you were legally with Regal, part of Parlaphone – oh yeah!

Then there was the season premier of SNL last night.  There were two awesome moments from that.  First: Newcomer Jenny Slater dropped the F-Bomb on live fucking television! (HuffPo has the video.)  HOT DAMN, JENNY!  Way to go.  Though we anticipate that this may make your run on SNL a short one, all us lady improvisers and sketch performers are stoked that the first f-bomb gaff came at the hands of a woman amongst the sausage fest at SNL… SNAP!

Then there is the fact that Megan Fox was ACTUALLY FUNNY in a sketch with Keenan Thompson.

The sketch was just really silly, it made me laugh out loud… My favorite is the “Jaberwocky.”

“Get down into your jabber position and wocky, wocky… wockywockywockywocky!”

I wish the whole show had been that funneh.  And, am I the only person who’s just over U2?  I might be.

I’m clearly too easily amused.  Back to work now!  Laters, H8rs!


4 Responses to “Lily Allen is a twat and Jenny Slater drops the F-Bomb”

  1. Mike Smith Says:

    I hope the FCC fines NBC for this inexcusable sketch. Not for the F-Bomb. But that it was just a terrible sketch. I was sitting there thinking that Mike Myers career was turning over in its grave.

    The F-Bomb was so fleeting and disguised by the rest of the dialog and accents that there should not be any recourse.

    • adorkablegrrl Says:

      LMFAO @ Mike… I didn’t actually make it through until the F-Bomb sketch – I fell asleep right after Weekend Update, as is my habit. Other than the Grady Wilson sketch there was very little of merit for me in the season premier of SNL. I pine for the days of Mike Myers or even Will Ferrell… Gilda is absolutely turning over in her grave at the inept level of female funneh on the show currently. I mean – I like Kristin Wiig, but, really… she’s the only one. They shouldn’t have let go of Casey whatshername for being overweight, at least she was funny.

      • Mike Smith Says:

        I’m not sure if the problem is that they have too many writers, or just not enough writers that have to get on stage. If they are going to try to rip off old sketches, they should stick to ones that no one remembers.

      • adorkablegrrl Says:

        I think in all fairness that SNL is the toughest gig in sketch comedy. There are a couple of reasons for that: the show has been on so long that it has seen so many moments of true brilliance that people have unreasonably high expectations of how funny it *should* be… Also, it has the “SNL curse” in that every time that a really talented cast changes over, the next couple of seasons suck ass… because the new guys have so much to live up to.

        If you think about it – SNL lost three of the strongest women improvisers/sketch actors it’s seen in decades in the last two seasons – Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph… Leaving Kristin Wiig to carry the burden there.

        Plus, I think that Andy Samburg, Bill Hader and Jason Sudekis might have hit their peak of funny. (Though Jason Sudekis doesn’t have to be funny, IMHO, he can just stand there and be hot.)

        Not to mention that Seth Myers has Tina Fey’s shoes to fill as head writer.

        Really Keenan Thompson is the only one who is really on his/her game in sketch – mostly because he’s been doing sketch comedy since he was a kid – so he knows the formula and how to milk the laugh even out of a shitty 2 min piece of comedy crap.

        It’s a recipe for disaster. And, the noobs on the show aren’t that funny…

        Yet, I will still watch SNL until the day I die, it is the granddaddy of all sketch comedy and a show which represents the prize (as in: keep your eye on the prize) to anyone who’s ever hit the boards doing improv or sketch.


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