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Rumors, suspicion and innuendo…

September 24, 2009
Image via stuff that WAS cool.

Image via stuff that WAS cool.

Can I tell you a secret?  Yeah?  Cool.  Here it is: I am not in collusion with Bonnie and Ben (aka, the authors of the TFC).

It is extremely fucked up to be woken at 5:15 am by texts asking questions about this blog.

Here is another secret: the Internet?  Not serious business.  At all.  Please don’t ever text or call me about innerwebs dramz at 5:15 am — ever.

Omai.  Just when I swear I’m not going to acknowledge the jackassery of my former friends in public again, something happens that requires me to make comment.

Today I have learned that B&B are claiming that the TFC was in collusion with this blog as part of a grand and spectacular social experiment about Internet trolls.

Yeah.  Not true.

I am also told that they said that since “we” had enough material that they were retiring.

Mmmmm… we’ll see about that. Read the rest of this entry »

You Go Girl: Kelly C. calls Kanye out on the red carpet over bad behavior

September 14, 2009

I recall people telling me not so long ago that “famous and talented” people do not keep “free WordPress blogs.”

Um, yeah – suck it people – that’s completely false.  Please attend the blog of one Ms. Kelly Clarkson:

I Am Kelly: Random Thoughts by Me

Note the shit-stirring post about Douchebag Kanye West’s outburst last night at the VMAs during Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech.

For those of you who don’t know WTF I’m talking about, check out Perez (a fellow shit-stirrer, tho’ he does quite out class me – I am the Kathy Griffin to his Cher) and US magazine for the deets.

If Ms. Clarkson was only my guilty pleasure songstress before, she surely is my true love now.  Rock it, Kelly!

And, more on owning your own words…

September 14, 2009

This is gonna be brief, because believe it or not, I’m actually pretty swamped today… with, like, real work stuff.

An online buddy and follower of this blog pointed me to an article by Hudson Sangree (what a fucking great writer name that is!) at the Sac Bee that ran today:

UC Davis case shows how Web comment anonymity’s not absolute

This makes and supports my point, brilliantly: There are cases and situations in which I agree that anonymous speech should be protected speech – BUT – in cases where the commenter is hiding behind anonymity to harass, defame or perform other illegal action, that protection should be suspended.

It is one thing to be vigorously critical, but it is another to be someone who uses the platform of anonymity so they can say and/or do things which are illegal or harmful to others.

Things they would never say or do if they had to be accountable for what they were saying or doing.

My favorite passage:

“The court said the First Amendment generally protects anonymous speech, even though the Internet’s informality leads many ‘to substitute gossip for accurate reporting’ and engage in ‘harsh and unbridled invective.’

But where plaintiffs can make a plausible case for defamation, the justices ruled, online anonymity may be breached. ‘When vigorous criticism descends into defamation,’ they wrote, ‘constitutional protection is no longer available.”‘

Let’s talk about obsessed, baby… Let’s talk about you and me…

September 12, 2009

EDIT: 9/14/09 – Turns out that it was BONNIE who was over here spamming my blog.   You can see the comments on the YOYOW post to see her out herself.  I’d like to say I have more respect for her because she finally owned up to being an obsessed psycho, but I really don’t. /paying attention to TFC

Oh Ben, I mean TURD, I knew you couldn’t stay away!

For those who question if I am the one with a screw lose, please attend the screen caps below the cut (for privacy) of the person(s) who swore they would never, ever, ever, ever, EVER comment on this blog again… Mr. Turd has proven that it is he (or she, or THEY) who hath lost their shit…

You know, I comment over there from time to time, but at least I do so as Kate Kotler and don’t spend my time creating alternate identities for myself to troll one person over and over again.  How many is that now?  Ben, Turd, Tom, Source Citer… who else is residing in your head, Ben?

Tsk, tsk.  Such sloppy trolling work.  I expected better from… well, no I didn’t.

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Quick post… Now who’s suspect?

September 9, 2009

You're Suspect!There is someone commenting on the blog I linked to this morning claiming that they are the ones who created the profile of me that showed up on The Burn Book this morning.  Aside from the fact that I find it hilarious that this blog project has inspired yet ANOTHER blog bitching about me, I have to say that I’m suspicious of the people who claim to have started the second blog (so creatively called The Burn List).

As I said before, I have Google alerts set for my name and had that content been published PRIOR to The Burn Book, I would have gotten an email notification about it.  I didn’t get a Google alert about it until a little under an hour ago.  There is no way that those posts were written on 1 September…

I concur with Gossip Guy in saying that whoever started the copycat blog is total fail.

Fuck sincerity…

September 9, 2009
Time to press this button...

Time to press this button...

I’ve decided to take down the posts about my friends.  I don’t need to prove anything -to myself or to anyone else.  Posting warm, fuzzy, nice things about people has diverted me from the purpose of this blog.

That purpose is to examine online folly, frolic and pranks – both my own and those of others.  To examine weird Internet trends and happenings.

So that’s what I’m going to do.

I was talking to my Paranoid Android last night on the phone and he was complimenting me on how much success I’m experiencing with my writing.  He is also a writer, so compliments from him are particularly precious to me.

I told him that at times I was becoming a little disheartened because I was receiving so much negative feedback.  I mean, I know that I’m asking for it, but it still doesn’t stop it from stinging a wee bit.

He told me this: If everyone likes your writing all of the time, you aren’t doing your job right.

Fair enough.

In other news: As a writer, I have Google alerts on my own name, the aliases I write under and the titles of the websites/urls of the websites I write for.  Today I found an alert in my email that lead me to this new blog: The Burn Book

Apparently someone has started a burn book because of this blog and the TFC.  Crazy.  I’ve had this blog for maybe three months and already it has spurred so much hatred that Bonnie & Ben had to start a blog so that they along with all their trolly minions could bitch about me in semi-private.  AND a blog has been started to bitch about all three of us.

The blog is pretty funny in how accurate it is.  Bravo to whomever is writing it.  I’m adding you to my blogroll and can’t wait to see who you post about next.

I feel like this project is a rousing success and is great research for the book I’m writing.

That is all.


September 7, 2009

Friends, family and loved ones. Fans of me or my writing or random readers of this blog who think I’m getting the short end of the stick with people being mean to me on the Internet…

Please stop commenting on *that blog* in attempts to defend me. The people writing it and commenting on it are not nice people who are convinced that I am the anti-Christ and a sick, awful person who needs to be locked up in the looney bin. They do not know me. They will not know me. And, nothing you say is going to make them change their minds as to how they feel about me. It will only make them say more hateful, demeaning, cruel, stupid things about me.

Do not waste energy on them.

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