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Introducing TL285

September 23, 2009
Hes a rogue, hes a diabolical villan, hes TL285

He's a rogue, he's a diabolical villan, he's TL285

His name sounds like a robot name (which is cool) but in fact, he’s a real person, who has approached me asking to contribute to this blog while I am working on other projects.

Please give a warm H8ful welcome to Mr. TL285.  I’ll let him jump right in and do what he does best… piss people off.

To clarify: He’s not anonymous, he’s revealed his identity to me, but is choosing to write under an alias… so he escapes my “no anonymous posting” dictate.  He further disagrees with me about the YOYOW issues and is pretty adamant that he be given free reign on the blog to do as he wishes… I’m gonna say otay to that.  We’ll see what happens.