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Maury is Good for you

September 24, 2009

AltarI am a man of God…but not a very good one, so first, let me say that Kate is absolutely, 100% wrong…

Anonymity on the internet should be encouraged… it made the internet what it is today..the freedom of it that I, and so many others enjoy. I would imagine that yes, it hurts people sometimes, but just because someone occasionally drowns in a lake doesn’t mean you should drain the fucker. I say, make it even deeper…the world can’t support the amount of jackholes we have on it already.

But anyways…along with being a man of god (again, not a very good one), I am also many other things, first and foremost a nihilist of some degree…oh, and a social worker so I’m sure you can imagine how much easier my beloved nihilism makes that job…really. But being a nihilist allows me a certain sense of freedom, one I enjoy very much…

Did I mention Gavin Newsom is an asshole?

But yes, back to my nihilism…yes, I do know Kate Kotler; I have known her for years…approx 7 or 8…and to know her that long is to find fault…same as with anybody else. I know enough shit about Kate that if I put it up here, some of you out there might actually wet themselves with glee…but I won’t. Not going to do it…and that has nothing to do with my nihilism…actually it would explain why I say I have strong nihilistic tendencies, and am not completely carried over with it…for, I do actually have some respect, a touch of dignity when I feel like it, and a sense of loyalty, even when I feel that person may not deserve it. Not that I am saying this about Kate…more in general, but anyway…

Oh yeah…you people actually started a fucking blog to try to tear Kate a new one?



That is the kind of tedious bullshit that helped me realize the low worth in (San Francisco’s Mission District) human friendship, and you two were once her friends…really? Read the rest of this entry »