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True Fail Saturday

September 12, 2009
Youre a rebel!

You're a rebel!

In a unique brand of teenage rebellion…

Teen Charged in Theft Of Stolen Zoo Animals

Imagine the thought process:

“Fuck you, Mom and Dad!  I don’t need this shit.  I’m going to shoplift steal money from Mom’s purse steal Grandpa’s prescription drugs boost a car and go joy riding steal a monkey and a parrot!”

I actually have to give the unnamed 17-year old some props… the idea of him stealing a monkey and a parrot and hiding it in a shack is pretty f-ing cool.

EXCEPT that he/she got caught.

AND the story made it into the top ten trending stories on Google News.

You know that kid is either going to be mocked back into the stone ages or regarded as a hero come Monday morning at school…

It’s hard to tell which.

Ah, teen angst, you take so many weird, weird forms and you never cease to amuse me!

Does anyone other than me wonder if it was the parrot who ratted him out?

“Caw-caw!  It was Jimmy, it was Jimmy! Caw-caw!”