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J’taime Ze Frank: Ze Frank throws a tea party

September 24, 2009
Photo courtesy of Ze Franks Last.FM page.

Photo courtesy of Ze Frank's Last.FM page.

Via TIME Online…

Ze Frank Throws A Tea Party

I appeal to you again, Ze Frank, please come to SF and whisk me away to your land of awesome funny poltical commentary… please?  I LURVE you.


Transparency Camp West:

August 10, 2009

Saturday I attended Transparency Camp West hosted at Google headquarters by The Sunlight Foundation, etc.  It was an indcredibly intense day for me, as the sessions I attended addressed extremely high level concepts of government transparency and government data transparency.  The people I met were amongst some of the smartest I’ve ever met (and, to be surrounded by so many political bloggers was slightly daunting.)  Thoroughout the day I struggled with how to process all I’d learned and listened to and parse out a message that would resonante with people who read the publication I write for.  It was challenging – though I was completely stimulated, engaged and excited about the event – I think that it was a little bit higher level than the average Jane citizen would have enjoyed.

(Actually, I found myself thinking about how if “Kat” used her massive intellect for good instead of pathetic attempts at evil AND if she could fucking use a computer past posting to Facebook and trolling my blog that Transparency Camp would have been an awesome event for her to attend, as it would have been right up her alley in terms of her interest in politics.  Sometimes the fact that she’s fucking insane makes me so bloody sad I can hardly stand it.  /aside)

(Oh and I’ll look forward to her spinning this comment and reposting it on her blog about me.  I’m sure she can find someway to take a compliment and make it ugly.)

ANYHOW.  Here’s the two articles I came up with, I think they’re resonant to my audiance, or at least I hope they are.

BitchBuzz at Transparency Camp

Transparency Camp: The Bottom Line

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