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J’taime Ze Frank: Ze Frank throws a tea party

September 24, 2009
Photo courtesy of Ze Franks Last.FM page.

Photo courtesy of Ze Frank's Last.FM page.

Via TIME Online…

Ze Frank Throws A Tea Party

I appeal to you again, Ze Frank, please come to SF and whisk me away to your land of awesome funny poltical commentary… please?  I LURVE you.


Short political rant…

August 12, 2009

I’ve been reading about the Tea Party Patriots this morning.  Aside from the fact that anything even loosely associated with Rush Limbaugh makes me want to hurl, I’m fascinated by the hypocrisy of this neo-conservative political joke.  Here’s why:

dissent is patriotic

This image is on the TPP wiki page and was taken at an event earlier this year in Nashville.  I find the hypocrisy of this photo overwhelming.  I really love how a mere year ago, anyone who dissented was considered a disloyal American and traitor – yet, now that Duhbya is out of office and we have a Democrat as prez?  Oh yeah, that dissent thing?  So patriotic.

How fucking ridiculous.  Protesting socialized medicine?  Yah you TPP peeps really have the moral highground there, dontcha?  Spray painting swastikas on the homes of liberal congressmen because – SHOCK – they want to help the disadvantaged get equal health care that’s really putting the “ass” in “classy.”

It’s another case of crazy right wingnuts gone amok and an attempt by the rich to stay rich and not giving a damn about anyone else in their communities past themselves.  Yucky.