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Link Love – fun stuff from around the innerwebs

September 2, 2009


For lack of better things to post I have a lengthy list of great stuff from across cyberspace:

File under I ❤ Sarah Lacy… BusinessWeekIs Twitter Pimping Porn to Family Users?

I wonder what the aggregate percentage of hooker followers per profile is?

A good question from the fine people over at Ars… Poll Technica: Will Steve Jobs present at 9 September event?

And, of course a Snow Leapord OS X review from WIRED

File under OMG I CAN’T OBSESSIVELY REFRESH MY GMAIL, AAAAHHHH! From CNET: Gmail outage blamed on capacity miscalculation

And, of course the obligatory link to DJ AM death news: DJ AM Memorial to Resemble 12 Step Recovery Meeting

Yow, People magazine!  Can we say “totally snarky and kind of shitty headline?”

Looks like I just did.

And, I am away…


Burglers trolling Facebook looking for targets… what’s next?

August 27, 2009
Dont burgel me, bro!

Don't burgel me, bro!

In continuing my examination of all that is weird, off, surreal, odd and wrong about social networking, the habits of people who use social networking as a big part of their life, Internet dramz, my own propensity for Internet dramz, the farce that ensues post those moments and so forth, I have stumbled across this article from Information Week:

Social Networkers Risk More Than Privacy

If there was ever a reason to curb your (or my) tendency to over-share private information on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Yelp and the like – this one would be high upon the list.

Pro-thiefs are using these platforms to suss out targets for IRL crime.

Yucky.  Like the Craigslist Murderer wasn’t bad enough?  More and more mounting reasons exist to throw your computer into the drink and go live an analog life in a cabin in the woods somewhere.  Indeed and how.

More Twitter?

August 15, 2009

Apparently Twitter is the trending topic on Twitter this week.  Between Valleywag and MSNBC talking about The Bloggess and her “obsession” with William Shatner and DDoS attacks perpetrated by the Russians and so forth there seems to be a plethora of press traction about the microblogging platform… There is even a story in the NYT Theater section about a casting director tweeting live from an audition room for The Gay Bride of Frankenstein.

Casting Director Tweets at Tryouts, to Negative Reviews

(Thx @janinaz for the tweet w/the link!)

You know what I think all this means?  Twitter has SOOO hit the tipping point (the momentum for change becoming unstoppable — or, when the uncommon becomes common) and the only two places left for Twitter to go are either towards “world domination” or “irrelevance.”

I’m not sure which I hope for.

The ramp up for this started clearly earlier this year when Ashton Kutcher’s challenge to CNN to see who could hit 1M followers on Twitter first.

It’s all rather weird and surreal and irrelevant to real life at the same time…  this Twitter obsession.  Part of me hopes it just all goes away, Twitter is really invasive and it’s disturbing how addictive it is.

I have to tweet this blog post now.

File under WTF redux: Twitter has second DDoS attack, IS peeps blame Russians

August 12, 2009

Yes, that title is accurate.  Apparently Twitter went down yesterday (and, not in a good way) for about 20 minutes which is being attributed to another DDoS attack on the microblogging platform.  Crazy.

Crazier still?  All those conspiracy theories about /b/ taking down Twitter as retribution for the AT&T block of the 4Chan site or tricky hackers fulfilling a bet from the wee hours of the hack-morning at DefCon are pretty sane and logical compared to who/what is being blamed for the DDoS currently:

“Some information security researchers have said last week’s Twitter DDoS attack was aimed at one specific user. That attack also affected other social media sites like Facebook, LiveJournal and YouTube. Researchers indicate that last week’s DDoS attacks were aimed at pro-Georgian blogger Cyxymu, who blogged about the anniversary of Russia’s Georgia invasion. Cyxymu had accounts on all of the targeted social media sites and told The Guardian that the attacks were a deliberate attempt to silence his pro-Georgian message by the Kremlin.”

~Channel Web Blog

Seriously. People are blaming the RUSSIANS. That’s awesome and worrisome at the same time.  Awesome b/c I don’t think anyone has heard a “the Russians did it” excuse since the movie Red Dawn was in theaters sometime in the 80s.  Worrisome b/c if that assertion is true and a government is fucking with a social networking website to silence one single user, what else are they doing we should be alarmed about?

Oh the internets, there is always something interesting going on here…  I like the part where Cyxymu told the Guardian that he had accounts on all three sites hit w/DDoS so it HAS to be the Russians trying to silence his protests… Um, I’m curious how many millions of people had accounts on all three (very prominant) social networking websites?  I think I do (though I haven’t used LJ since 2007) so maybe it’s a plot to silence me… viva la Adorkable Grrl!  Revolution, revolution!


Additional DDoS info:

August 6, 2009
I dont know why this graphic cracks me up.

I don't know why this graphic cracks me up.

Livejournal and Facebook are reporting DDoS attacks this morning, too.  (Though the Facebook isn’t confirmed BY Facebook – so that’s still speculative at this point.)

This has to be a hella coordinated hack.  Ballsy and impressive.

Here’s an interesting article from Arbor Networks about the Twitter DDoS: Where Did All the Tweets Go? by Craig Labovitz

Facebook has been working fine for me; I don’t use LJ anymore so I have no idea how borked that is; Twitter is still acting like a jackhole – I can view other tweets but cannot tweet myself.  (That sounded dirty, dinnit?)

I don’t know why; but, this kind of shit is totally fascinating to me.

This is a kind of cool and simple way to explain a DDoS from the peeps at Ray Servers: What is Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) and How To Protect Your Site

Oh and how about this conspiracy theory… ??  Is this massive DDoS some kind of passive aggressive retribution by /b/ for the AT&T 4Chan block?  Inquiring minds want to know!

File under WTF – Twitter hit with DDoS

August 6, 2009

So I have been offline all morning (it happens sometimes) and I just logged on to check to see if my interview with Hope Larson had run on BitchBuzz yet so I could blast the URL on the various and sundry social networking websites I use (because, despite what people might think, there is a purpose to using Facebook and Twitter and such for me, career wise.  I now anticipate getting at least three “you’re so self-promoting/narcissistic/self-involved” comments on this post – fire away, I’m ready with pithy comebacks involving gymnasts and Christian Dior.)  Clearly (as you can tell by the link in the first sentance of this post) the story is up; and, after posting it in various places I was going to tweet it to the 196 random people following me on Twitter.  (That includes @hopelarson, the person the piece spotlights.)

Twitter – of course – was being completely janky and timing out on the connection.  I was actually on the phone with Rosie at the same time and I said “WTF, Twitter, you suck! Fail whale, fail whale!”

Yes I know I’m a dork.

Anyhoo… At that same time I picked up an RSS from Mashable – a post by Barb Dybwad – apparently this morning Twitter was hit with a DDoS attack.  (Incidentally – Barb – love the first line of the article, “This morning civilization almost ground to a halt as Twitter was hit with a DDoS or Distributed Denial of Service Attack and went down for over two hours, with intermittent outages continuing even as they got the situation more under control.”  Sweet snark, woman – that’s awesome writing!)

M’kay – that explains the Twitter acting like a jackhole issue.  I’ve talked about DoS (denial of service) attacks in a previous post about trolling and 4Chan.  DDoS (or, distributed denial of service) is basically the same thing as a DoS – it’s a hack that is intended to interupt the use of a website by it’s intended users.

This is not a hack that a bored teenage miscreant can carry off.  It takes some mad skillz.  (Yes, I used a z at the end of that word, deal with it.)  Not that I’m pointing fingers or anything (because why would I?  I actually admire skilled hackers as being geniuses) but is it coincidence or just irony of timing that this big site takedown comes on the heels of DefCon 17?

For those who do not know — DefCon = the biggest, most notorious, most awesome gathering of some of the most brilliant hacker minds in the world.  Something I’ve been dying to go to for years just to observe (though I’m terrified of my lappie w/the crap passwords I use being hacked and being mocked by hot hacker dudes and dudettes for using my Mom’s first grade teacher’s name as a pass.  FYI – not my pass – don’t bother trying it.)  AND DefCon happened to be last weekend in Las Vegas.

Could it possibly be that some gauntlet was thrown in the wee hours of a geek party amongst black hats and the Twitter DDoS is the result?  Is someone paying up in beer and hardware today?  The world will never know; but, it sure is interesting to think about.

^5 tricky hackers.

File under ZOMG! — Censored! Banned!

August 5, 2009
Ninjas are AWESOME

Ninjas are AWESOME

Two items in tech news caught my eye today.  The first was a story on CNET about Apple banning a dictonary application for the iPhone.  While I do not have an iPhone (yet) I’m a little disturbed at the censoring of a dictonary… More specifically of a NINJA dictonary.  WTF, Steve Jobs – ninjas are awesome!  Why would you censor them?  Seriously – don’t you know they’ll stealthly track you down and kick your ass for this censoring?

The important take away from the CNET article is just how hard it is to get an iPhone app approved for the app store.  AND that Apple censors content.  (Apparently Ninjawords was rejected b/c it contains references to “objectionable” words.  Um… hi?  That’s kind of stupid.  And, the article goes on to refer to another e-book app that was censored b/c it carried a link to The Karma Sutra.  I don’t know about you people; but, I don’t want Apple telling me what I can and cannot read.  I use technology for freedom and ease of use – I don’t need some exec’s moral sensibility imposed upon me, I have one of my own that’s rather sound.)

Second: The Marine Corps has banned social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, et al.

Okay – I get this – totally.  They are trying to “protect military secrets.”  I get that.  But, what about the thousands of men & women who are putting themselves in harm’s way in service to their country?  Some of these people have been deployed for years at a time and are cut off from their friends and family – meaning that Facebook and applications of similar design are one of the few ways that these brave men & women can remain connected to those they love.  Is this really fair?  Isn’t it a better idea to implment protocol about safe useage of social networking apps for military professionals?  Can’t y’all do some slick proxy work with all those resources you have to shield information being able to be gleaned from an IP?  I know you can.  This is extreme and really kind of shitty to those stuck overseas.

For the record — I’m hugely anti-war.  Though I’m pro-troops.  I know a lot of fine, fine people who have served in the military (including my childhood best friend and my Grandpa) and their choice to sacrifice their time and potentially their lives to protect my rights and freedom is a unselfish and honorable one.  If anything this country needs more advocates for military men and women.  (And, to repeal that bullshit “don’t ask, don’t tell.”)

That’s it from me today — my interview with Hope Larson for my “Women to Watch” column is supposed to run on BitchBuzz sometime today — I encourage you all to check it out.  I’ll be tweeting the URL as soon as it’s live.