What the fuck is this blog?

  • This blog is NOT SERIOUS.  It is a petri dish of farce, folly, pranks and purposeful attempts to piss people off.
  • The people who post here in addition to me own their own words and are responsible for what they write.  If you don’t like what they’ve written, take it up with them and not me.
  • If you think that something written either in a post or a comment  violates our code of conduct, let me know via email and I’ll take a look.
  • Anonymous posting is not allowed on this blog.  I know the identity of all writers that contribute to PPL H8 Me On the Internet.  Some may choose to write under an alias.
  • Anonymous commenting is not allowed, either.  You must supply me – le editor – with a valid email address before your comments will be approved.  You may use an alias if you are uncomfortable using your real name.

Now fuck off.

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